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Setting out a Good Research Proposal Example

There are 3 major parts to a research proposal, the introduction, the literature review and the methodology.   Good research proposal writing is a very important task when pursuing PhD or doctoral projects.

So in this section we are going to look at writing the research proposal introduction in more detail.

You might have heard the saying that the ‘first impression is usually the last impression’ and this also applies to your research proposal introduction.  

The introduction needs to be as clear and concise as possible without any ambiguity from the reader’s point of view.

If you make your introduction attractive enough, then the reader will want to read the proposal from the beginning to the end.   The introduction should discuss how meaningful the study will be, the presentation of the issue or problem and the argument of why there is a need for the researcher to study this chosen topic or area of study.   Hence the introduction is seen as presenting the background and the statement to the issue of the study.

A well written research proposal will include these four basic components in its introduction section:-

(A) The study’s presentation.
(B) The study’s background.
(C) A statement of the study’s main issues.
(D) The study’s importance.

If you follow the guidelines set out above you should be able to write an introduction for your PhD research proposal that will be perfect and impressive to the reader and more importantly your prospective professor or supervisor.

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